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Tallahassee Community Hospital is a fully accredited, acute care hospital serving the residents of North Florida and South Georgia. Established in 1979, the health care facility currently has 180 state-licensed beds and a 650-person hospital staff, including approximately 250 professional nurses and over 300 physicians.

The board of directors decided to invest 100 million dollars in a new, state-of-the- art facility that would phase out the current hospital. In order to properly announce an initiate of this magnitude, the hospital turned to us.

  • Maximize media attention in primary and secondary markets regarding the announcement of the new physical plant.
  • To provide a special event for local leaders and hospital patrons to thank them for their support and commitment.
  • Improve employee morale and recognize all employees as vital partners in the current and future success of TCH.
  • To generate enthusiasm among the general public about the state-of-the-art health care facility coming to the area.
  • Create awareness of the economic, medicinal and technological benefits TCH brings to the markets it serves.


To make an unforgettable impression on the community, we recommended providing Tallahassee something it rarely sees. Snow.

We developed three separate events in a snow filled environment, complete with thematically linked activities. Adhering to the theme of “The Coolest New Thing In Healthcare”, these occasions would stress the new facility’s advances and first class surroundings and utilize interactive technology to provide a virtual tour of what the new hospital would look like.

Thematically oriented invitations were created announcing that TCH would be sacked by a massive snow drift. This created buzz about the new facility and left all parties hungry for more details. Media alerts of the same type with additional details regarding the event were distributed to local and regional news outlets to generate press coverage prior to the event.

The agency employed Sturm’s Special Effects International, a Wisconsin-based special event company that specializes in on-site snow production. Winners of an academy award, Sturm blanketed the event area with true, packable snow in temperatures as high as 90 degrees.


Snow Ball VIP Celebration:
The hospital hosted a black tie event under a massive tent in front of the facility. With walkways to the tent freshly shoveled, elected officials, opinion leaders and hospital board members were escorted to the tent passing snowmen and snow angels. Once inside, they were greeted by a monumental ice sculpture, an exact replica of the new facility. The tent was festooned with icicle lights and the dinner tables adorned with snow globe center pieces.

On stage was a large electronic screen broadcasting live shots of the party and later used for the virtual tour.

After dinner (which, of course, included ice cream for dessert), guests danced to the music of a small orchestra.

Employee Appreciation Snow Day:

The next morning, Sturm generated a fresh load of snow for TCH employees to enjoy a “snow day”. Representatives from all areas of the hospital, physicians, nurses, volunteers, housekeeping , etc., were invited to build snow men and sled. A luncheon was also held to fully inform the employees of the new facility and the benefits it will provide the community.

Community Outreach:

On the following day another fresh batch of snow was made and all of Tallahassee was invited to come play. Complete with sno-cones and ice cream, children of all ages arrived to enjoy the “bad weather” and learn about the new health care facility.


The three events were unprecedented successes. The invitation-only VIP event was completely full. The employees enjoyed their “snow day” and still talk about it to new hires. The community turned out in droves to see something Tallahassee rarely experiences. The news media extensively covered all three events particularly during their weather reports, many originating from the site.