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Media Relations

Media relations is both an art and a science. Knowing when to push and how far is ultimately the difference between a positive article and a negative one. We have been successful in publishing national articles on new technology products, as well as managing the image of recording artists, political candidates and international corporations.

Many times we are brought in to offset the negative arguments from our client's opposition and other times we stand alone in proving the positives of their new product. In either situation, we excel at selling our client's position to a group of people who can, in turn, sell the nation.

Strategy has a history of strong relationships with reporters, editors and producers in various media groups locally and across the nation. We have worked with automotive, travel, tourism, health, entertainment, business, financial and legal publications on hundreds of projects for clients.

There are reporters, editors and producers who contact our staff regularly for story ideas and research information. Our relationships with these professionals give us the inside track on photo opportunities, upcoming stories, news beats and areas of interest, information which is not available electronically for this regional market. These professionals know how we work and we have gained mutual respect for what we do and how we do it.