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Media Relations

As a public relations company, Strategy is dependent upon having quality information obtained in a timely manner. We have full-time in-house research assistants who maintain our tracking, clipping and program research initiatives. For our formal research we rely upon professionals in each segment of this industry.   We don't go shopping for the right person when our clients begin calling; we always have an inventory of research professionals ready to begin. Strategy has an arsenal of the best research experts to call upon. We work with the best in political, environmental as well as those who specialize in the south. These would include telephone research, direct response, focus groups, think tank, industry experts and opposition research companies. All of our consultants provide our clients confidential, immediate service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our consultants understand the complexities of the South, its culture and language, but more importantly are experts within their fields on analyzing this type of information.