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Community Relations

Strategy has a strong history of implementing programs that are successful in persuading the local and regional community to our clients' point of view. We have created multimedia publicity campaigns, as well as directed single media message efforts. We have also used non-traditional methods such as the creation of grassroots organizations, community action panels (CAP), newsletters, speaker bureau, volunteer programs and charity fundraising.  

Maintaining regular public communications and a positive community perception are leading factors in reducing risk and liability. Keeping everyone happy all the time can be difficult for most groups, but our clients continue to demand such performances.  

Each of the partners at Strategy is highly skilled at managing news conferences and responding to representatives from all segments of the media. We have been in the crossfire from the podium and we've been ambushed by some of the best investigative journalists. We know how to respond and we take pride in sharing this knowledge and training with our clients.