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Media Relations

Successful political campaigns require a strategy, and hey, that's our name.

Here at Strategy, we have a proven record of winning results in even the most challenging circumstances. We don't make decisions based on experience alone, because no two campaigns are the same. We rely on in-depth research and consultation with our network of industry specialists. We maintain Alabama's largest voter history database with micro-targeting data from over 30 different political sources along with twenty plus years of survey results from communities across the state.

As a team we will immerse ourselves in the community, keeping our fingers on the pulse of voter opinion. We will create a campaign plan, organize your campaign and formulate your message. We will be with you every day of the campaign, ensuring successful delivery of your message through earned media, the internet and local grass roots.

Our team will monitor the campaign, comparing it to our plan's benchmarks and historical data. Along the way we will make adjustments and keep everyone focused on victory.

You see, we don't create winners, we just help winners reach their destiny.